Stuck Inside My House

I am stuck inside my house

Stuck inside my house

I just pace around for days

Stare and watch the water

Wonder how long it takes

I can be anywhere but here

Any given time of day

I can feel like it's never enough 

But I can't get through the angst of giving up

I'm not tracing my old tracks

And no one I care to ask

Just facing through the black

There's no antidote for that

Still I can't find the one thing I am

The tool that fits my hand

Not sure where it ll lead

It's been making its way for green

Green is where I like to be

Not sure the voices say the truth

They've been so long with me now

What I believed can no longer carry me

And it's just the old familiar sounds

In the house I grew up

Still I'll keep going on 

Like I've always done

Goddess Of Memory

The Goddess of Memory

She came to me

Drowning in my river of sadness

So unsure

Tossed to the deep

All I thought I'd need

Now wading in the mystery

Her arms outstretched to see

Freedom is here

It moves through the darkest house

The weight is gone

I remember now

So I woke in a new world 

Where colors touched my skin

And nothing feels as free

As to fly above the endless sleep

Would You Stay

Would you sit with me

And not say anything

I can't hide myself anymore

Would you take me

And all the broken parts

I haven't sorted out

Would you give me a little time

Would you wait in the wings

Sometimes I get caught in the shadow

But I'll do my best

I'm better than I've ever been

Would you take my hand

It's a lonesome feeling

The thought of you leaving

You're like nothing I've ever found

So would you stay

Would you be ok with that

When you find I'm going down

Maybe we went too fast

Maybe this hurt will last

There's always a reason to walk away

But if you give me a little time

I'll always come back

And I'll never leave

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